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Road Trip to Medan – North Sumatra

Boarding path at Medan – Trek Volcano Sibayak at Berastagi – See Sipiso-piso waterfall and drive Lake Toba – Ferry to Samosir Island – Back to Medan 4D3N


This is the first visit to Indonesia. And did not visit the popular hot-air town Let’s go to start the land of Sumatra. An island that is not very popular. The number one largest island in the world, the 6th largest in the world, road trip. Rent a car. Drive around. Being in the cold One of the north of the island, North Sumatra province. It is down from Aceh province. I want to say that North Sumatra is unbelievable.

This is the first visit to Indonesia. And didn’t visit the hot-hit city on the wind Let’s get started to the territory of Sumatra. An island that is not very popular. The largest island in Indonesia, the 6th largest in the world. Road trip. Rent a car to drive around. Being in the cold One of the north of the island, North Sumatra province. It is down from Aceh province. I want to say that North Sumatra is unbelievable.

1.) Incredibly close. I only flew 1.40 hours round trip. The timer has arrived.
2.) Incredibly volcanic. This island has a length of 1,7xx volcanoes. There are 33 volcanoes throughout the island, hanging in a small island. The northernmost of the island is 34. Of these, there are many live volcanoes, the most famous that erupted almost every day. The news is that Mount Sinabung yesterday erupted. Most recent eruption on 20 February. News as follows:  https://www.thairath.co.th/content/1208848
3.) Crater lake Incredibly beautiful Lake length over a hundred Lo Asia’s second largest Second only to the Tonle Sap of Cambodia But the beauty is still like the South Island, New Zealand.
4.) Drive unbelievably messy. Should be inferior to India alone, 555
) 5. andIncredibly cheap . The 4D3N trip only cost nine thousand baht. This includes round-trip airfare, car rentals, food costs, accommodation costs, everything else. The last one is an important inspiration for me on a budget. And believe that many people

Travel information is as follows:
1 Round-trip flight with Air Asia with flights to and from flights 12.45 to 10.10
2 times for Sumatra and Thailand Use the same time zone.
3 Indo-Thai currency, about 1 hundred thousand IDR = 230 baht. Thai
4. No visa.
5. Net signal is available throughout the trip. Approximately 3G
6 strength. Rent a car to drive throughout the trip. Make an appointment to pick up the car at the airport. The 3-day car cost is 105 USD, a 6-seat sedan averaged 35 per day, or about 1,100 baht
7, 19 baht per liter of fuel, about
8. 6xx baht, sleeping in two rooms, each person is divided 3xx baht each, cheap and good
9, cost of food, stop by, eat as well as the side of Thailand The à la carte meal is 30-40 baht. One meal will cost 50 per person like this.
10 Hire a 4WD car and guide to the Sibayak volcano. The cost is 500 baht per person. All can be paid in Thai baht
. The rest after this will be water. And a lot of pictures

DMK – KNO, 4 of us together for this trip. 4D3N flew from Don Mueang, file 12.45 got the ticket cost 2xxx, return 1xxx, total round trip 3,458 baht
, flight distance 1,100 kilometers. The flight schedule says takes two hours but actually flies. Over an hour only

Sumatra is a short distance away from Thailand. If stretching straight from Promthep Cape, Phuket Island, pull to KNO Kualanamu Airport, Medan, the capital city of North Sumatra. The distance is unbelievably close to 470. That’s all. And if dragging straight from Koh Lipe The southernmost island of Thailand. The distance is only 320 kilograms. Imagine how close it is to the contemporaries. Close by, just across the sky from the Strait of Malacca. But upon arrival The landscape found on this trip is unusual, but still living in different corners of the world.

Pick up the car rental use this car rental service. http://www.medanrentcar.com/

Specify when renting a car and request to return the car at the airport. Oh, whoever traces the car when picking up a car, ask for a ticket through. When leaving the thorns, fly across the cashier checkpoint. No, this is fine. I almost got fine. Fines are very expensive The delivery man didn’t say Dropped onto the car floor separately Fortunately, his eyes looked upon. When he was stuck at the checkpoint, he was aware of the manners of driving here and there. Until the police station has to wave us to the side The toll is comparable to Thai baht for only five baht and ten baht. But this fine is shared by a thousand
here 3.8 kilometers away from the terminal

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