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How to Find the Best Car Rental in Jakarta

Jakarta is a big city. Exploring this exotic city on foot would be a bad choice for your health and time. Thus, finding the best car rental in Jakarta is something you should do first before you start your first step in your Jakarta adventure trip. Here, we have several tips on how to get the best car rental in this big city.

Take a Look at the Car Rental Facilities

Take your time to see the car rental facilities. It includes driver service, cleaning, maintenance, and safety. You can’t just choose any car rental service that has a cheaper price. Many of them that offer low prices tend to have bad-quality facilities, which could give you many problems in the future. It also helps you to avoid an accident that could happen during your trip with the rented vehicle.

Vehicle Condition

This part is the essential thing you should do when you need a Jakarta car hire. Visit the office directly. Then, see and check the vehicle’s condition. Ensure that the vehicle is in a good condition and safe to use on Jakarta road. A good car rental company in Jakarta always allows their clients to do this. If they forbid you to check the vehicle’s condition, that is a sign of a problem. You should avoid that kind of car rental company.

Compare the Services

You can find many car rental services in Jakarta. Therefore, you need to compare their service, facilities, and other things that you can get. Never randomly choose any car rental service. Make sure you know everything about the company. When you put them side by side, you will find which company or car rental service with the maximum benefits.

Understand the Rental Agreement

Read the rental agreement carefully. Make sure you understand each of the points in the rental agreement. So you won’t have any problems later. Plus, it also helps you to know whether or not you pay the right price for the service from the Jakarta car rental of your choice.

Those are the simplest methods of finding the best car rental service in Jakarta. You might also need to read the customer reviews to find more objective information about that service. That will become a good reference that you also can use to compare the services. Once you have done all those steps, you are ready for booking car Jakarta.


Booking Car Rental in Jakarta

Planning a visit to Jakarta Indonesia, you need to pay attention to several things. One of them is a vehicle that will be used while in Jakarta. There are two car rental options, namely without a driver and including a driver.

The best solution you can take when you want to travel in Jakarta is a daily car rental in Jakarta. Please make a reservation easily, search for available options, you can compare the type, quality, and rates of car rental, so then immediately book the most appropriate travel car for your trip. Enjoy a comfortable and pleasant trip in Jakarta!


Luxury Car Rental in Jakarta

Premium or luxury car rental center in Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi and surrounding areas. Daily, Monthly, Long Term Rental. We also serve bridal car rental or wedding car with various types of cars.

Need a special car on a special day? Special wedding car rental in Jakarta. There are various options and attractive price offers just for you. Make your special moment classy.


Jakarta Airport Transfer / Suttle Service

Shuttle service intended for companies in the field of shuttle employees from and to work, company guests or hotels, which provide shuttle services from and to the airport.

Our airport shuttle is always on standby at Soekarno Hatta airport to cities such as Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang and Bekasi. So, no need to worry about the pick-up time.


Benefits of Hiring Car Rental Jakarta for Company Events

You might be used to driving your own car everywhere. It might make you want to drive to attend company events in Jakarta. Nevertheless, there are some good reasons why you should consider hiring a Jakarta car rental when you have to attend company events. It can be much more beneficial than driving the car yourself.

Save Energy

It is not about saving energy used by the car, after all. It is your energy that can be saved if you rent a car rental in Jakarta. Attending company events can use a lot of your energy, for sure. You should not waste your energy driving on Jakarta roads that can be pretty brutal. Yes, driving in Jakarta will take a lot of your energy and it might affect your condition when attending company events.

Local Guide

When hiring car rental in Jakarta, it does not mean that you will get the car and drive it yourself. The car rental in Jakarta usually comes with a driver. The driver will be a professional driver that will bring you to any place you have to go. At the same time, the driver can also be your trusted guide because he or she is a local. You will get some useful recommendations about the best restaurants or tourist attractions in town. You can simply enjoy the ride.

Focus on Your Tasks

You need to focus when driving the car in Jakarta especially. It can be pretty tiring so you might not be able to focus any longer when attending company events. There might be a lot of tasks to do and it will be troublesome if you cannot do them properly because you are too tired from driving. With Jakarta car hire, your focus will be used for the company event only. You will be able to do your tasks optimally because you still have enough energy.

Easy to Find

You do not have to worry that finding a car rental service in Jakarta can be troublesome. It is easy to find a car rental service that can accommodate your needs. You might need to make a comparison for finding the most reliable and trustable car rental service. You might also need to consider the type of car you want to use.

Safety and Protection Warranty

Last but not least, booking car Jakarta from a car rental service can guarantee your safety and protection. The car will always be kept in its best condition. It will also be driven by a professional driver that will always pay attention to your safety on the road.


How Much Budget You Should Prepare for Car Rental in Jakarta

Are you planning to travel to Jakarta, Indonesia? The first thing you should do is find a car rental. Just use the jakarta car hire keyword and we believe you will find many of them. However, you also need to know more about the rental cost, so you can prepare enough budgets for hiring the car rental service in the capital city of Indonesia. Here, we have a short explanation about the cost and the expense you need to prepare before renting a car in Jakarta.

How Much is the Average Cost of Car Rental Service in Jakarta

Depending on the vehicle that you rent, the rental cost is different. If you prefer to rent a manual transmission vehicle, you can get a much lower price. The average Jakarta car rental cost for this type of vehicle is around $55 per day. On the other hand, you need to pay the additional cost for an automatic transmission vehicle. The extra cost is for the extra maintenance for this type of vehicle. The cost could be around $60-$70 per day.

The price is not that expensive, isn’t it? You can even get a lower price with a simple comparison and research. Many car rental companies in Jakarta provide information on their website. So, you can use them and customer reviews to get the rental service at the best price. You can even get as low as $40 per day with simple research.

The Extra Expense

You might also need to pay extra expenses during the renting period. These extra costs go for the driver’s service. Or, if you drive it yourself, you might need to spend more on the fuel. The average gas price in Jakarta is $3.40 per gallon. So, for a whole day trip, you might have to pay between $41 and $54. Therefore, it is necessary to check the rental agreement when booking car Jakarta. Find whether or not it includes the gas fee in the rental price you paid before.

In general, the price of car rental in Jakarta is not expensive. Compared to other countries, you don’t need to prepare too much budget for the car rental when you visit Jakarta. But you should choose the best rental service to get the best price that matches your budget. Or, if you know locals or friends, they can even help you negotiate to get a lower price. Now, you are ready to rent a car in Jakarta.


Essential Tips to Find a Trustable Car Rental in Jakarta

When browsing on the internet to find Jakarta car rental, you will find so many options available. Nevertheless, how can you make sure that a car rental service in Jakarta is trustable? As a customer, you always want to get the best service, after all. These essential tips will help you find the best car rental service you can hire in Jakarta.

Be Well-informed

The very first step to finding the best car rental service in Jakarta must be by getting more and more information about the services available in Jakarta. You need to look for information about several services of car rental in Jakarta for consideration. From the information collected for those car rental services, you can make a comparison.

How can you narrow down the choice? You have to make sure that the companies have clear contact numbers that can be accessed easily. You also need to make sure that the car rental services offer several types of cars for your renting options. This way, you can hire a car rental that is suitable for your budget. You can find out more about the details, including whether there are additional fees or not.

Visit the Car Rental Office Address

The main reason why you want to look for Jakarta car hire online is to simplify the process. You look for a car rental service online because you do not want to visit the office directly. Nevertheless, if you really want to find a trustable service, visiting the office address directly will be beneficial. It will help you to see the condition of the car rental service and the cars directly. A trustable car rental service must have a good office and car condition, for sure.

Ensure Good Service

The car rental service must offer the best service to the customers. It is necessary to attract customers and keep the customers’ loyalty. You will be happy if you can hire a rented car from a company with good service, for sure. You will love to meet or talk to a friendly customer service staff who is willing to inform you about the car rental service happily.

Ensure Professional Drivers

A car rental company with good service and cars will not be enough. You also have to make sure that the company is hiring professional drivers. Before booking car Jakarta, you have to make sure that the drivers can provide necessary personal information, friendly service, and safe driving.


Factors to Consider when Choosing Car Rental in Jakarta

Price and Payment

With the internet, you will be able to find many options for car rental in Jakarta very easily. There is no need to get troubled about hiring car rental in Jakarta since you can do it online. Nevertheless, you might want more than just ease to get the car rental service. You might also want to get a better deal. It does not mean that the cheapest car rental service will always be the best choice for you.

You need to consider your budget and make a comparison of several car rental services. This way, you will be able to find the most cost-effective option to choose. Nevertheless, you should not be surprised when the price difference is not that much from the top car rental services.

If you can find some options within your budget, you can consider the payment, as well. You might want to consider a car rental service that will receive credit card payments. You can find some credit cards that offer you a discount if you use them for paying car rental services. If you are lucky, your credit card might also cover car rental insurance.


With so many car rental services available, it seems that the competition is getting harsh in the industry. That is why the car rental services will try their best to win customers’ loyalty. You should not miss any programs offered by the car rental service that can help you save some money on your car rental. If you are hiring a car from the top car rental brands, you might be able to find a loyalty rewards program. It will be beneficial especially if you are an avid car rental customer.

Terms and Conditions and Unnecessary Fees

Although finding Jakarta car hire is super easy, you should not just use the service right away. Do not forget to read the terms and conditions of the car rental company. You must pay attention to the terms and conditions especially when you think that the service looks super cheap. There might be some hidden taxes and fees that can make you pay much more. You can avoid unnecessary fees when hiring a car rental service by paying attention to details and being alert.

Information about the Car Rental Service

Last but not least, you always have to gather as much information as possible about the car rental service you want to use. Making proper research before booking car Jakarta will help you find the best deal, for sure.


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