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Gorontalo Car Rental

Cheap and best car rental options in Gorontalo for those of you who want to enjoy Gorontalo in all its beauty. Gorontalo Car Rental Services which we have handled very often. Our service is unquestionable.

Enjoy your vacation in Gorontalo with us, rent a car rental center for a tour of the special area of ​​Gorontalo and its surroundings with an interesting and entertaining trip treated to the taste of Gorontalo’s special food, and its tourist attractions.


SL Car Rental Gorontalo

SL Car Rental with PT. Rajawali Trans Mandiri Gorontalo is a service that is engaged in transportation of car rental rental services in Gorontalo City, which is professional and has the best facilities, the latest fleet, relatively cheap rental prices and the prices we provide include Plus Driver, as well as key off Experienced in the field , good service friendly polite to our customers.

We have a complete fleet with a wide selection of car fleets, both MANUAL and AUTOMATIC transmission rental cars, both car rentals plus drivers include, or unlocked car rentals with a variety of car options with varied and competitive prices.


Self Driver Car Rental in Gorontalo

We present it for those of you who like adventure, want privacy, and most importantly travel flexibility. You can set your own route and destination. No need to bother taking care of driver meals, driver lodging. You are the driving force, you are the decisive.

With a wide choice of cars, it makes it easier for you to match your needs and budget. Such as Minivan, SUV, 4WD, LV, VAN, and others.


Monthly car rental in Gorontalo

In addition to daily car rental, we also provide long-term car rental, such as monthly car rental in Gorontalo. Many government and private agencies have used our monthly car rental services.

The advantage of renting a Gorontalo car on a monthly basis is that the price is more efficient. In addition, we also always guarantee the condition of the vehicle on a regular basis along with the insurance that is in it.


Car Rental for Mining Operation Specifications

Car Rental with 4WD Double Cab (LV)
Equipped with safety gears such as : bullbars, tool boxes, first aid kits and fire extinguishers, etc.
Minimum of NCAP 4 star safety rating
Drivers have had any training – First Aid, Off Road Driving, etc


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