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Everything you Need to Know about Medan

September 24th, 2019 by

The city of Medan is the capital of North Sumatra and the fourth largest city in Indonesia (after Jakarta, Surabaya and Bandung). With a population of two million, it is the largest city outside of Java. Tourists can expect a diversity of cultures in this city, as almost every ethnicity in the country is represented in this place: Acehnese, Batak, Chinese, Indians, Javanese, Malay and Minang, however, there is no ethnic group that is considered a majority. For travellers, Medan is famous as the entry point to North Sumatra. Aside from serving as the gateway to the region, the city also functions as a commercial and economic hub; this Indonesian city attracts not only shoppers, but also business professionals and entrepreneurs. Medan is a modern metropolis and like other Asian cities, it can be very busy and suffer from heavy traffic. Before Medan became a sprawling city, it was a trading and seafaring town under Islamic Malay leadership during its early days. It was in the 19th century when the city’s commercial potential was uncovered. Because of plantation agriculture, Medan transformed from a small town to the prosperous city that it is today.

Medan Attractions

The influence of the Dutch and all other cultures that have made their mark in the city are clearly imprinted on the metropolis, as exemplified by the attractions and architectural landmarks found in Medan. One example is the Maimoon Palace, which was built in 1888 by the Sultan of Deli. This grand attraction is a 30-room structure built with Malay, Mogul and Italian influences. Out of the 30 rooms, only the main room is accessible to the public. This is where tourists can find the opulent inaugural throne. Meanwhile, the back wing of the palace is occupied by the members of the family of the current Sultan. Another famous attraction in Medan is the Tjong A Fie Mansion. The landmark is named after the Chinese-Indonesian merchant who used to live there. Like the Maimoon Palace, the most remarkable thing about the mansion is its architecture, which is a fusion of Victorian and Chinese styles. Other attractions worth seeing include the Sri Mariamman Temple, the Mesjid Raya Mosque and the Bukit Barisan Military Museum.

Medan Restaurants & Dining

Foodies will love Medan as the many ethnic groups that reside in the city contribute to the unique dining scene. Medan is known for food tourism, mainly because there is no shortage of delicious dishes here. Probably the most famous restaurant in Medan is Tip Top Restaurant, which is located across the street from the Tjong A Fie Mansion. Those with a taste for nostalgia will love the establishment, as every bite of each meal transports the diner into an earlier time. Originally named Jangkie (after the owner’s name), it has been around since the time of the Dutch occupation; in fact, Dutch officials often went here for a cup of coffee. The only thing that has changed in this colonial restaurant is the prices. At night, another must-visit dining spot emerges in Medan: Kesawan Square. Jalan Ahmad Yani is closed to traffic and transformed into a food court of sorts with plenty of vendors selling different kinds of cuisine. Indonesian and Western cuisine are available, but most of the stalls specialize in Chinese food.

Medan Nightlife

The city comes alive when the sun goes down, as there are many activities that keep the people up and about until the early hours. Nightlife would not be complete without drinking, and this Indonesian city has many options for those looking for a drink or two. Wine lovers will not be disappointed with establishments such as Cava Lounge and The Vintage Wine Shop (found at the Grand Angkasa Hotel Lobby); the former also has a wide selection of cocktails and is most remarkable for its design and ambiance, while the latter has over 200 wine options. Travellers who prefer beer can go to MC & P (also called The Medan Club), where booze is relatively inexpensive. Those who want to get local information can drop by here, since this is a favourite of expats. Other places preferred by expats are Corner Cafe Raya and The Tavern. Sports fans who are looking for a nightcap should head on over to Shoot Pool Lounge & Sports Bar. The establishment, which features live bands and DJs, has a large screen that plays sports channels.

Medan Shopping

With the sheer number of malls and shops in the city, shopping is a breeze. Tourists who love to shop will truly be delighted by the extensive selection Medan has to offer. The Sun Plaza, located on the corner of Jalan Ainul Arifin and Diponegoro, is the newest shopping centre in Medan. It has a food court which features Pan-Asian and Western cuisine. It also has a large supermarket named Hypermart. The Sun Plaza is notably more upscale, as it carries more luxury brands than other malls. Other modern malls in Medan include Medan Fair Plaza and Grand Palladium Mall. Meanwhile, Medan Mall and Thamrin Plaza are two older shopping centres which should also be visited. Masindo Jewellery is also a suggested stop. Located on Gwangju Street, this jewellery shop is the best place to buy all types of gold and accessories with gemstones. Those who love the arts should visit Tondi Gallery, which showcases artworks by local and national artists. Shoppers who are interested in crafts such as antique weaving, Dutch pottery and carvings should drop by any of the craft shops along Jalan Ahmad Yani.

Medan Activities

The city has numerous karaoke lounges. Recommended spots include K2 Karaoke Keluarga, Jet Plane KTV, Equator KTV and Pub, Tropicana KTV and Sky Club. When it comes to massages, Medan is not as renowned as Bali or Thailand but what most people do not know is that massages are a big part of local culture. Tourists should take advantage of the fact that the services of a masseuse or masseur are cheaper in Medan. There are also places that come with complete spa facilities, but only charge a fraction of the price asked in other parts of the world. Suggested spots include the Quan Spa and Eucalyptus Spa.

Medan Information

There are many transportation options available when getting to Medan and this is primarily because the city is the main international departure and arrival stop in Sumatra. Medan can be reached by air and boat, but it is also possible to travel by bus, car or train. In Kualanamu Airport, there are international flights from Medan to Penang, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore every day. There are also domestic flights that connect the North Sumatran capital to Banda Aceh, Batam, Gunung Sitoli, Jakarta, Padang, Pekanbaru and Pontianak. High-speed ferries also travel from the port of Belawan (26km from Medan) to Penang. Meanwhile, taxis and becaks (cycle rickshaws) are the normal means of transportation when getting around Medan. The wet season in Medan is from September to December, while the dry season lasts from January to August. Medan can be visited all year round.

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Easy Way To Rent A Car in Indonesian Cities

September 17th, 2019 by


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Bali Denpasar Ngurah Rai Airport Car rental

August 26th, 2019 by

Mr. Luigi Andrea Carello from Italia

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Road Trip to Medan – North Sumatra

August 25th, 2019 by

Boarding path at Medan – Trek Volcano Sibayak at Berastagi – See Sipiso-piso waterfall and drive Lake Toba – Ferry to Samosir Island – Back to Medan 4D3N


This is the first visit to Indonesia. And did not visit the popular hot-air town Let’s go to start the land of Sumatra. An island that is not very popular. The number one largest island in the world, the 6th largest in the world, road trip. Rent a car. Drive around. Being in the cold One of the north of the island, North Sumatra province. It is down from Aceh province. I want to say that North Sumatra is unbelievable.

This is the first visit to Indonesia. And didn’t visit the hot-hit city on the wind Let’s get started to the territory of Sumatra. An island that is not very popular. The largest island in Indonesia, the 6th largest in the world. Road trip. Rent a car to drive around. Being in the cold One of the north of the island, North Sumatra province. It is down from Aceh province. I want to say that North Sumatra is unbelievable.

1.) Incredibly close. I only flew 1.40 hours round trip. The timer has arrived.
2.) Incredibly volcanic. This island has a length of 1,7xx volcanoes. There are 33 volcanoes throughout the island, hanging in a small island. The northernmost of the island is 34. Of these, there are many live volcanoes, the most famous that erupted almost every day. The news is that Mount Sinabung yesterday erupted. Most recent eruption on 20 February. News as follows:
3.) Crater lake Incredibly beautiful Lake length over a hundred Lo Asia’s second largest Second only to the Tonle Sap of Cambodia But the beauty is still like the South Island, New Zealand.
4.) Drive unbelievably messy. Should be inferior to India alone, 555
) 5. andIncredibly cheap . The 4D3N trip only cost nine thousand baht. This includes round-trip airfare, car rentals, food costs, accommodation costs, everything else. The last one is an important inspiration for me on a budget. And believe that many people

Travel information is as follows:
1 Round-trip flight with Air Asia with flights to and from flights 12.45 to 10.10
2 times for Sumatra and Thailand Use the same time zone.
3 Indo-Thai currency, about 1 hundred thousand IDR = 230 baht. Thai
4. No visa.
5. Net signal is available throughout the trip. Approximately 3G
6 strength. Rent a car to drive throughout the trip. Make an appointment to pick up the car at the airport. The 3-day car cost is 105 USD, a 6-seat sedan averaged 35 per day, or about 1,100 baht
7, 19 baht per liter of fuel, about
8. 6xx baht, sleeping in two rooms, each person is divided 3xx baht each, cheap and good
9, cost of food, stop by, eat as well as the side of Thailand The à la carte meal is 30-40 baht. One meal will cost 50 per person like this.
10 Hire a 4WD car and guide to the Sibayak volcano. The cost is 500 baht per person. All can be paid in Thai baht
. The rest after this will be water. And a lot of pictures

DMK – KNO, 4 of us together for this trip. 4D3N flew from Don Mueang, file 12.45 got the ticket cost 2xxx, return 1xxx, total round trip 3,458 baht
, flight distance 1,100 kilometers. The flight schedule says takes two hours but actually flies. Over an hour only

Sumatra is a short distance away from Thailand. If stretching straight from Promthep Cape, Phuket Island, pull to KNO Kualanamu Airport, Medan, the capital city of North Sumatra. The distance is unbelievably close to 470. That’s all. And if dragging straight from Koh Lipe The southernmost island of Thailand. The distance is only 320 kilograms. Imagine how close it is to the contemporaries. Close by, just across the sky from the Strait of Malacca. But upon arrival The landscape found on this trip is unusual, but still living in different corners of the world.

Pick up the car rental use this car rental service.

Specify when renting a car and request to return the car at the airport. Oh, whoever traces the car when picking up a car, ask for a ticket through. When leaving the thorns, fly across the cashier checkpoint. No, this is fine. I almost got fine. Fines are very expensive The delivery man didn’t say Dropped onto the car floor separately Fortunately, his eyes looked upon. When he was stuck at the checkpoint, he was aware of the manners of driving here and there. Until the police station has to wave us to the side The toll is comparable to Thai baht for only five baht and ten baht. But this fine is shared by a thousand
here 3.8 kilometers away from the terminal

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Enjoy your trip in Medan with Medan Rent Car

August 11th, 2019 by
Atichat Rungswang from Tahiland

Atichat Rungswang group from Thailand

Self driver car rental in Medan, Atichat Rungswang from Thailand, Berastagi, Parapat Lake Toba, enjoy your trip with Medan Rent Car.


Road trip in Medan “Ride the car to Medan”

July 30th, 2019 by


Medan , Sumatera Utara, Indonesia

Today I will take everyone to visit a province in Indonesia that is very close to Thailand. Fly from Bangkok takes only 2 hours. But I think Thai people still travel very little.

Asked how to know Just take a look at Google. You can see that the review is very small. But that doesn’t mean that it’s not beautiful People who think of traveling to Indo for the first time in their lives will probably choose to go to Bali or Bromo first. Of course, Medan has become an overlooked child. But if anyone has come here, they will fall in love with Medan. Of course, because the rawness of the trip here is still 100% different from places on Java or Bali that has become a tourist destination.

Well, follow me. See that Medan has something to see. Our next trip in Indonesia might not be just Bromo or Bali anymore

Medan - Indonesia

Where is Medan (Medan)?

Many people may not have heard of the name. Many people may have heard the name But almost everyone doesn’t know where Medan is located

Medan is located in Sumatra Island, the island of Indonesia, near Thailand, a few hundred kilometers from the coast of Satun province.

Medan is the largest city in Sumatra. The fourth largest in Indonesia.

If you look at the map, you will see that it is very close to Thailand. Close to this size and will not go to travel?

Why must “Medan”

1. This is the most straightforward and clear thing. Because it is very close to Thailand I believe that many people have never known this city before. Try to open google map. Look at it. Scroll to Phuket and then scroll down a little more. We will see a city called Medan.

2. And because it’s near It was only about 2 hours from Bangkok. AirAsia flew straight every day, departing from Bangkok at eight o’clock. The return leg from Medan, the machine hit five. Arriving in Bangkok seven o’clock, continue working comfortably

3. It has a volcano. For people who have never seen a volcano before Seeing something that is bubbling. Can smoke out Is something that is exciting I saw we went to Bromo. Bali is very well. Try to visit some of the better islands in Sumatra. In order to see something new

4. The cost of living is very high. Is that I try to use a lot of money to help the local But don’t know much about what to do How much is the price of Thailand? Medan price is only Because here, tourists are less. The price that is discussed is the straight price. There is no telling through to give us a price. I spend less than 200 baht a day on food.

5. The most convenient and convenient way to travel is budget. Rent a car to drive. Let him come to the car at the airport Then let him pick up the car at the airport Renting a car falls 350,000 IDR per day or about 900 baht per petrol that is dropped by about 25 baht per liter. Combine 4 friends to get a car.

Travel to Medan


From Bangkok, we have the direct flight of Don Mueang (DMK)

– Medan (KNO) every day. It is AirAsia OZ code. (Indonesia)

Departing from Don Mueang will depart at 12.45 to reach Medan at 14.40.

The return leg will leave Medan at 10.10 and arrive at Don Mueang 12.10

Medan airport, Kuala Namu, the abbreviation is KNO.

Ticket price Take it without thinking too much. Book it around. It will be around 4,000 – 4,200 baht. Estimated.

But if anyone gets a pro ticket, the price will be even cheaper.

For the next airline, it will be the Lion Air that needs to be changed at Kuala Lumpur first. The price is similar. But when the flight time is over, AirAsia can’t fight.

Arrange the bag before going to Medan.

Most of them go about 3-5 days for Medan. General items may not be much.

If it is a backpack, do not take a drag. This one is not recommended. Flat ground. If in addition to the airport we arrived, I didn’t see anywhere. It is better to be a backpack.

Shoes used should be standard hiking shoes. Because this trip will be climbing, trekking, walking a little hill all the way.

Saw coming to Sumatra, probably thinking that it was not cold But really in this area is all the plateau The weather is so cool. But late at night, it is called cold. At the lowest temperature at night, about 20-25 degrees, then take a warm shirt.

The pants that should be taken are thought to be hiking pants that can go in every situation. Because when wading through the waterfall, it is quite slushy Then don’t forget to bring swimming trunks for playing in the lake

The most forgotten part is rainwear. Will be a jacket or plastic bag Or can be a rainwear, Seven anything. Because here the rain is very frequent Sometimes there is rain outside the season.

In addition to general travel equipment Another thing that we often forget is the ordinary medicine trips.

These drugs do not have to take a lot. But have to choose well what to take

The general medicine that I often wear emergency medicine bags like that is always comfortable. Because looking at foreign countries is difficult, there will be

  • The stomach ache
  • General paracetamol
  • Disinfectant is taken when the diarrhea is heavy.
  • An important topical drug has a drug that is used to treat allergies, itchy groups. Hydrocortison At a very low concentration 1%
  • Spray that is used to spray along the muscles, especially when passing the training for a long time. In which both legs are very aggressive Now, the general pain spray that is sold is like Uniren spray.

Can go to read about the preparation of the drug to travel in detail in this article

The subject of photography Focus on every lens, zoom range There is nothing to take Because if getting a car to drive comfortably Heavy when carrying up the device only The rest is convenient.

Traveling in Medan or North Sumatra

In this trip, I mainly focus on driving. Because the most convenient and comfortable

Rent a car one day is not expensive. I got a Suzuki SX4 X-Over auto gear. The rent is 350,000 IDR per day. It’s about 950 baht per day.

Website to recommend car rental >>> The owner replied, Facebook is very sensitive and honest, honest, not cheating.

The must have before driving is Must go to make an international driving license before Can be done at the Department of Transportation in each province easily.

After having taken the car Our duty is to check the car’s condition properly. Take pictures of every point of the car that is blamed. Will have no problems later

Driving in Indonesia

The right-hand drive is left to the right, like Thailand.

There is a motorbike driving, not respecting the rules. People running in front of the car Like Thailand as well

But what is different is People who hit the car horn are very fun. Driving without discipline is much more than Thailand.

The road is almost the whole island as 2 lanes. When it was jammed, it almost fell on the way. – – “

But still If we hold our belief that we will run like this, want to overtake, not interested in this, it’s safe. Can drive like a chill out Let the riders overtake us.

Medan road trip plan !!! Look at it roughly before.

I summarize the travel plan for those who have only 3 days in Medan.

Day 1:
Pick up at the airport> Go to Sibolangit Waterfall> Overnight in Berastagi
Arrange a rental car to be sent to Kualanamu Airport. Do not pick up cars in the city. I caught a lot of time into the city waste
– enough car to the exit from the airport. The road is open and very direct. Then drive the left lane (Indo-driving like our home) will be trained to get acquainted with us

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Hyundai H-1 Edisi Terbatas Tampil Lebih Sporty

July 28th, 2019 by

TANGERANG, – Salah satu model andalan Hyundai di ajang GIIAS 2019, yaitu H-1 Limited Edition. MPV mewah itu tampil lebih sporty dibandingkan varian biasa, karena penambahan aksesori termasuk bodi kit.

Sebagai varian edisi terbatas, H-1 ini secara tampilan eksterior menggunakan aksesori seperti Window Underline Chrome Molding, Front Down Under Bumper with Garnish Chrome, Rear Under Bumper with Side List Chrome, dan Side Skirt.

Aksen krom yang terletah pada bagian bawah bemper atau front down under bumper, lalu krom dibagian bumper belakang, sampai side skirt yang membentang dengan kilau krom.

Sementara untuk bagian belakang sendiri tersedia LED combinatioan lamp yang menambah kesan modern untuk H-1. Masuk ke dalam interior, H-1 edisi khusus ini sudah menggunakan Electric Ottoman Leather Seat yang membukus seluruh sektor joknya.

Piranti hiburan ditunjang melalui monitor layar sentuh 2 DIN yang bisa memutarkan DVD, MP3, Radio, Bluetooth, serta Weblink bagi pengguna Android maupun iOS.

Varian H-1 Limited Edition ini dijual Rp 618.500.000 atau lebih mahal Rp 2,5 juta dari varian Royale CRDi.

VAN – Medan Rental Car – Professional Car Rental in Medan, Indonesia

July 24th, 2019 by

Van rental in Medan, Sewa mobil Hi Ace di Medan, Sewa Mobil ELF di Medan, Sewa Mobil Mewah di Medan, Rental mobil Alphard di Medan, Sewa mobil terpercaya di Medan.

Self drive car rental in Medan

July 20th, 2019 by

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