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    Car rental in Solo – Surakarta, Indonesia

    Surakarta or commonly known as Solo is part of Central Java Province. Geographically, this city flanked by Mount Merapi and Merbabu in the north and Mount Lawu in the southeast border.

    Bengawan Solo also passes Solo, the longest river in Java. From the location, the position of Solo is on a strategic path that is a meeting point that connected many big cities in Java Island such as Yogyakarta,

    Semarang and Surabaya. Because of its location, it is no wonder Solo became one of the economic centers in Java as well as for the tourist destination area. Nowadays, Solo is famous as the center of Javanese culture.

    Although Solo always develops and becomes a modern city, the city of 44 square kilometers is rich in tradition and historical heritage. The local people are gracious and use the Javanese language in daily life.

    Besides, lots of interesting art performance and cultural festival are also held in Solo. So that, it is become the reason of the city’s slogan “The Spirit of Java”.

    If visiting Solo, famous places to visit in the city are Keraton Kasunanan Surakarta, Klewer Market, Vastenburg Fort and many more.

    After satisfied getting around this city, tourist can taste the local foods, such as bistik solo, selat solo, garang asem, tengkleng, sosis solo and liwet rice, which are incredibly delicious.

    The menus are also relatively cheap for tourist. From all of that, It is also impossible to talk about Solo without mentioning batik.

    Dubbed as “The City of Batik”, finding batik in Solo is not a difficult thing. Tourists can go shopping at Kauman and Laweyan Batik Village that are the bases of home industry.

    Klewer Market is also an alternative to go shopping for the batik that currently accommodates dozens of traditional merchants.

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